MedTech Europe también cree en la Cadira Exploradora

MedTech ha publicado la noticia de la cadira exploradora intel·ligent, realizada por la agencia de notícies Reuters.

Young children are known for getting into things. That’s how they learn about the world around them. But what happens when a child is severely disabled?

A Barcelona-based organisation called the Nexe Foundation has come up with an innovative solution: an ‘intelligent’ wheelchair that allows children under the age of six to safely go exploring.

Rather than the traditional joystick that controls many self-propelled wheelchairs, Nexe’s prototype lets children move around by pressing a button that acts like a big light switch. Because it’s also possible to rig the chair so it activates by voice command, head movement or sucking on a pacifier, even kids with very limited mobility have the freedom to explore their surroundings, explains a Reuters report.

Si quereis leer la noticia completa, sigue el siguiente Link:

Actualitat Nexe


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